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Autumn Skin Care Tips

By Ryan Harvey

Summer days are slowly coming to an end. It is time to get ready for the sweater weather! The cold wind is known to cause the skin to lose the ability to retain moisture, therefore it is vital to have essential products and routines in place to prevent dryness.

For this reason, we prepared an Autumn checklist that will help you maintain healthy skin in the upcoming chilly months!


Although it might seem like a chore to add another step to your skincare routine, especially as the days get shorter and we are all feeling lazier, it is highly beneficial for your skin in the long run – take our word for it!

Double cleansing is one of the most important steps in a skincare routine. This ensures that makeup is properly removed from the skin and the pores are fully penetrated and cleansed. But this vital step does not only apply to make-up lovers! Even those who embrace the bare face will benefit greatly from double cleansing. It gets rid of any remaining SPF or excess sebum build-up on the skin during the day. With days becoming cooler, the skin might produce more sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture, which in turn might cause breakouts. This is where you need to take control! Start with double cleansing.


Dryness, cold or hot weather… moisturising is a must in your skincare routine! It is another essential step when preparing for cooler days. It can act as a barrier between the skin and the cold and dry air, meaning that the risk of dryness is minimalised. Our Wonderment Illuminating Moisturiser can help you achieve just that! Packed with fruit extracts and allantoin, our moisturiser brightens and hydrates the skin, getting it ready for whatever the day has in store for you. Adapt your skin routine for the changing seasons. Not sure what your skin routine should be? Read here Wonderment Illuminating Moisturiser

But you should also remember to hydrate your body from within! Drink plenty of water regularly to ensure you are healthy and glowing, just like your skin!


Although autumn days can be dull, do not be conceived! Your skin needs constant protection to block harmful sun exposure and prevent premature skin aging. Therefore, it is important you continue with your daily SPF application around 15 minutes before you leave the house! Protect your skin from potential sun damage all year round!


Looking to add some new skin care products into your autumn routine? Shop all of our amazing products here. Don’t believe us? Check out what all of our happy customers have to say on our socials below 👇🏻

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