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Meet Kady

After having my first baby, I suffered from adult acne. I spent thousands on beauty treatments (including microdermabrasion and tailored facials), tried every cream and potion, and frequently visited my doctor in the hope that they could offer me some miracle cure.

I soon discovered that my acne was linked to hormonal changes when my second child was born and my skin flared up again. With this new-found knowledge, I started researching every skincare product on the market to find one which best fit my needs and skin type. It was during my search that I realised how many “nasties” are in skincare products.

I believe the products I use should nourish my skin making it healthier and happier. That’s why I made it my mission to create my own skincare which would heal me and YOU from the inside out.

It is with that mindset that I set up Kady Valente, a skincare business which focuses on being kind to the skin and only uses ingredients which need to be there. In other words, a stripped back and simple formula, fragrance-free and still does what it says on the bottle.

Our Ethos

Be kinder to your skin.

At Kady Valente, we believe that skincare can be gentle AND effective. That’s why all our products are made with natural ingredients, simple to use, and designed to promote healthier and happier skin.

Our Promise

No more “nasties” – essential ingredients only.

Here’s a list of the ingredients we don’t include in our skincare line because they’re more trouble than they’re worth! Here’s a list of the ingredients we do include and the benefits you can expect from them.