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Get back your glow

About Kady Valente

Inspire the confidence

We believe that beauty and confidence comes from within. That’s why all our skincare products are made with simple and natural ingredients.

Get back your glow

Our aim is to promote skincare products with formulas that strengthen the skin barrier and restore its appearance.

Be kind to your skin

We choose our products’ ingredients very carefully. You shouldn’t have to “feel” it on your skin to know it’s working.

My Story

I believe the products I use should nourish my skin making it healthier and happier. That’s why I made it my mission to create my own skincare which would heal me and YOU from the inside out.

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Wonderment Reviews

I’ve only used it once today, but on first use, here’s what I love…

Your skin feels good after it. Like, genuinely feels like it’s even cleaner. I do a double cleanse. I wash my face to get the dirt off and then I wash it again to penetrate the pores etc. So, my face was already pretty clean when I used this, but it just felt fresh and clean going on. It’s hard to explain.


Really impressed with the packaging!

I felt it really evened my skin out at night and before I put makeup on in the morning. I’m actually going to try and not wear face make up next week to give my skin a winter break


What a great wee product, will def keep using it 💕💕💕 xxx

Just wanted to let you know I used Wonderment the last two nights and my skin is feeling so smooth and looking brighter 🤗


I honestly love it!!!!!

The packaging is amazing. Love the vegan chocolates too 😆 nice touch. My skin feels amazing, no joke. I love that I could use it near my eyes and it didn’t nip. Everything normally stings my eyes! I can’t wait to see the progress x


I LOVE it 😍

Honestly wasn’t expecting any results with first use but my skin is genuinely more hydrated it literally watered my skin like a wee plant needing a drink 🤣🤣🤣 and my skin feels so smooth after it as well. 🥰


Just used your serum and genuinely it is amazing!! My skin is so smooth afterwards!! You are going to go far with this! 💕💕💕


It is so pretty- the box, the packaging, the sticker is so lovely — so easy to open.

Lovely to have a handwritten note/ matching chocolate coins. The bottle is so pretty/good size too. 💕💕 x