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An interview with Kady Valente

By Ryan Harvey

Kicking things off with a question about you and your brand’s unusual name… Kady Valente. How is it pronounced?

You pronounce it — K-dee Va-len-tee.

Valente was my maiden name.

This interview focuses on your experience as the founder for a startup skincare and cosmetics company. But before we dive into the business side of things, what is an ordinary day life for you?

I am a mother of two girls, so my whole day revolves around them.

After completing a hectic school / nursery run I then deal with any emails, social media enquiries and posts. I pack up any orders received within the last 24 hours and do a Hermes postal run.

Before my little ones return home, I spend a few hours dealing with admin and the day-to-day running of Kady Valente. Then it’s time to put my Mum Hat back on. When my girls are in bed, I work on social media for a few hours and set my goal list for the following day.


kady valente


Tell us more about Kady Valente… How did you come up with the idea for the brand?

After the birth of both my girls, I suffered from terrible acne.

I spent hours researching for a “cure”, frequently visited my doctor and the local beautician pleading for some relief. That is when I discovered how precious our skin actually is and how many “nasties” we are unknowingly putting into our bodies everyday.

I was shocked that this information wasn’t more commonly known and wanted to tell the world everything I knew.

It became my passion. Friends and family were always turning to me for advice and asking about specific ingredients that were in their skincare brands. So I decided to start my own cosmetic company to share my knowledge and help anyone who had been in the same position as me.

Why are traditional skincare products so bad for the skin?

There are a lot of hidden “ nasties” in skincare that we can be unaware of. Ingredients that can do you more harm than good. I have a section on my website that explains this in more detail, as well as a section for ingredients which promote healthier skin.

What makes your new product Wonderment stand out from other natural skincare products and Vitamin C serums on the market?

Wonderment is a stripped back, easy to use, and simple formula.

There are only 5 main ingredients in Wonderment. Each ingredient has a vital part to play in nourishing your skin and keeping it healthy.
There are no hidden “ nasties” in it. It does what it says on the bottle and that is really important to me.

It’s also vegan, cruelty free, suitable for all skin types and made in Britain these are all things that I am passionate about.

What advice would you give to customers wanting to get the most out of Wonderment?

Have a good consistent skincare routine.

Don’t skip your skincare routine if you are feeling tired. Apply Wonderment to a cleansed face morning and night. Wait a moment until the serum is completely dried into your face before moving onto the next step of your routine. NEVER go to sleep with makeup on and keep your Wonderment serum out of direct sunlight.

Here’s some more advice for using a vitamin c serum for your skin.

What have been the best parts about starting your own skincare and cosmetic business?

Having actually suffered from problem skin and being bamboozled with all the products that are out there, my main focus was sharing honest and clear advice onto the skincare market. Creating a product that heals the skin from the inside out.

I would never promote something I didn’t swear by and use myself. I love knowing that I am actually helping people and my product is making a difference to them.

What have been the biggest challenges in setting up your own business?

Being a mum of two, time has been my biggest challenge. It’s hard to find a balance.

Also starting a business during a global pandemic and lockdown has come with its own set of challenges!!

But if you believe in something, and have a passion for what you do, you make the time. I’m still working on finding the best balance…. Watch this space!

What does the future hold for Kady Valente?

So many exciting things are happening in the future!

We are in the process of launching three further Wonderment products and creating a seasonal collection.

I will continue to share my skincare knowledge with anyone who wants to listen. My mission is to continue to create honest, trustworthy and affordable skincare products.

“ Where to Miss? The stars…..”

And lastly, what beauty and wellness tips would you like to share with customers?

Beauty comes from within.

If you are feeling stressed then of course your skin is going to be affected. Relax…. breathe and take life as it comes. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Eat well, drink plenty of water and embrace nature.


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